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The Rabbi, The Hat, and the Horses

A lost hat leads to unexpected adventures at the racetrack. Luck and misunderstandings make for an entertaining story.

Don’t Dig Up the Garden

The old man needed help to dig up his tomato garden. His son was in prison, so he couldn’t help him. Or could he?

Atheists Need Holiday

An atheist files a lawsuit about the constant celebrations given to Christians and Jews, while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The judge’s decision surprised everybody!

Stop Doing or Stop to Do

Qual a diferença entre “stop doing something” e “stop to do something”? Leia a dica abaixo para aprender!

Two Blondes and a Car

Two blondes lock their car keys inside their car. Can they get them out?

The Impatient Beggar

A nossa intenção era ajudar os sem-tetos com comida, mas esse cidadão não era muito paciente!

The Lost Purse

An interesting story about a remarkable coincidence. Listen to the audio and then head over for some interactive exercises.

Uma história sobre uma viagem que quase foi água abaixo...

The Road Trip

A pleasant outing in the country is almost ruined, because the travelers forgot one tiny little detail. Also in this post: Study the use of “manage” versus “could.” Do you know how to say “acostamento” in English? What about the phrasal verb “run out”? What does it mean?

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