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Special Discounts

Special Discounts

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Any Time

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Any Where

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No more headaches!!!!

How Can I Say is great! I can have all the students on their cell phones answering the same quiz, and then the answers show up immediately on the leaderboard. We are going to adopt the entire course as the backbone for our English school.​

Steve Walker
Owner – Walker English School

Does this scene ring a bell?

Grabbing a bite to eat on the run, while frantically looking for the material you are sure you set apart before leaving the house.

Where the heck is it? What am I going to do for my next class? They never have anything to talk about!!!

Well, you can kiss those days goodbye!

With the amazing resources HCIS puts at your fingertips, you’ll never be at a loss for material for your students, no matter what their level!

A few of our many varied, interactive activities:

Interactive Videos

Irregular Verbs

Interactive Vocabulary



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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Say is a teaching method specifically designed for teaching English to Portuguese speaking students. The focus is on the kernel structures, and students can add the needed vocabulary gradually, depending on their particular needs. It is based on three basic skills: Understanding, Thinking in English (learning how to express what they want to say in fluent, correct English),  and Grammar (acquiring information; asking questions).

The courses are divided into units, lessons, and activities. Each unit has 5 lessons, which in turn are divided into 5 activities. The Beginning and Intermediate I and II courses are linear*; in other words, the student cannot move on to Activity 2 without doing Activity 1. These courses cover all the basic grammar structures in English, from the Simple Present to the Conditionals. The Advanced course is free; in other words, the activities can be done randomly, in any order.

* As a teacher, you are not limited by this. You can do all the courses in any order.

Students can only repeat each activity twice (for a total of three times). As a teacher, you can repeat the activities as many times as you want.

With a Teacher’s Plan, you can repeat each activity as many times as you want. You can also do the activities in any order you want. Another advantage is that you can buy student licenses or codes at a discount, and sell them to your students for a profit.

If you acquire a Silver or a Gold Plan, you get your own customized logo on all course and blog pages.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. The only problem is you will lose the 30% discount we offer to all first-time subsciptions.

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Aprenda a entender ideias - não palavras - ao ouvir ou ler inglês. Seu cérebro começará a preencher as lacunas, à medida que você "popula" seu banco de dados mental.

Pensar em inglês

Expresse o que você pensa em português em um inglês correto e fluente. Fuja dos erros comuns e das "brasileiradas".

Adquirir Informação

Domine a gramática para adquirir a informação que precisa, quer seja numa viagem, num telefonema, numa visita, etc.

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