Now You’re Done For!

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Be careful! Not all voices come from above.

Word for today:

Booming Voice

A shipwreck survivor washes up on the beach of an island and is immediately surrounded by a group of native warriors.

“I’m done for!” he cries in despair. “No, you are NOT!” – comes a booming voice from all around him. “Listen carefully, son, and do exactly what I say. Grab the spear from the man on your left and pierce it right through the heart of the chief.”

The man grabbed the spear and shoved it right through the chief, who collapses, dead. The remainder of the tribe stare at him in disbelief.

“Now what?” – the man asked. And the booming voice answers: “NOW, my son, you’re done for.”

Moral of the story? Not all voices come from above

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Idioms of the Day

Done For!

With no means of escape

Washed Up

white glass on a beach
Jogado na praia pelas águas do mar

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