Listening Activities

Trechos de Seriados. Entrevistas com pessoas das mais diversas nacionalidades, com os mais diversos sotaques, sobre os mais diversos assuntos, para aprimorar a sua compreensão oral.

Dear Old Dad

Kerri talks about her father and what makes him special.

Girlfriend Meets Sister

Hondo, a S.W.A.T sergeant, is ready to have a quiet evening with his girlfriend, Nichelle, when someone knocks on the door.

Dr. Charles and his Mother

Dr. Charles is a psychiatrist, whose job is to help other people. But he hasn’t seen his own mother for many years. Why, Dr. Charles?


Miki talks a little about her background.

Poor Robert

Robert stops by Ray’s and Deborah’s apartment, but he isn’t very happy.

Going Home

Listen to Gabrielle talking about going back to New Zealand, after a trip to Japan.

Talking about Breakfast

Listen to Heidi talk about what she likes for breakfast. Then head over for some great interactive exercises.

Tired of the same ol' same ol'?

Use How can i say to up your teaching act

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