The Lost Purse

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An interesting story about a remarkable coincidence. Listen to the audio and then head over for some interactive exercises.

Evitando as Brasileiradas

Anotar um endereço

To write down

"I wrote down the address."

To annotate

Never say, "I annotated the address."

The Lost Purse

The Lost Purse

While I was walking down the road the other day, I happened to notice a small brown leather purse lying on the sidewalk. I picked it up and opened it to see if I could find out the owner’s name. There was nothing inside it except for some small change and a rather old photograph – a picture of a woman and a young girl about twelve years old, who looked like the woman’s daughter. I put the photograph back and took the purse to the police station, where I handed it to the sergeant in charge. Before I left, the sergeant wrote down my name and address, in case the owner of the purse wanted to contact me to thank me.

That evening, I went to have dinner with an uncle and aunt of mine. They had also invited another person, a young woman, so that there would be four at the table. The young woman’s face was familiar, but I could not remember where I had seen it. I was quite sure that we had never met before.  In the course of the conversation, however, the young woman happened to mention that she had lost her purse that afternoon. I at once remembered where I had seen her face. She was the young girl in the photograph, although she was now much older.

Of course, she was very surprised when I was able to describe her purse to her. Then I explained how I had recognized her face from the photograph I had found in the purse. My uncle insisted on going straight to the police station to claim the purse. As the police sergeant handed it over, he said it was a remarkable coincidence that I had found not only the lost purse, but also the person who had lost it.

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Idiom of the Day

To Hand Something Over

To give something to someone by holding it in your hand and offering it to them

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