Activity 9.2.3 – Written Exercises

Grammar Focus

In our last lesson, we learned how the Present Perfect is used for something that started in the past and continues in the present.

In this lesson, we will learn two more usages: for personal experiences, and for something you have already done, or haven’t done yet. 

Important: never mention the time in any of these cases.

When speaking of things you have already done or haven’t done yet, the key words are already and yet. Check out these examples:

  • I have already begun to study this.
  • I haven’t sent the email yet.
  • Have you already seen this report?
  • Why haven’t you gone home yet?

When speaking of personal experiences, the key words are ever and never. In affirmative sentences, we almost always use superlatives. Check out these examples:

  • This is the best cheese I’ve ever eaten.
  • That was the worst company I have ever worked for.
  • Have you ever been to Europe?
  • I have never been to China.

Now do these exercises*:

*If you need to review the Irregular Verbs in the Present Perfect, click here.
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