Activity 9.2.2 – Reading and Vocabulary

Deborah has gone to the doctor’s to get an ultrasound of the babies. When Ray comes back, Deborah tells him that they are going to have twins, and he is really very excited. But he realizes they will have to get another apartment. He tries to explain to Deborah that it can’t be too close to his parents.

Later, Ray’s parents come over, and Deborah tells them she has gotten an ultrasound and is going to have twins.

Then Ray and Deborah say they are looking for an apartment, but haven’t found one yet. When Frank and Marie hear that, they tell them that Frank still has his broker’s license, and an exclusive deal has dropped into his lap

Find the words:

Drag the words to form the questions for these answers*:

*Click the “hint* button if you need help

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