A Trace of Murder Episode 10 – What’s with the Cigar, Columbo?

Columbo searches Clifford's home and finds the coat with fibers on it.

Evitando as Brasileiradas

“Ele não vai ficar feliz!”

Be happy

"He's not going to be happy!"

Stay happy

Jamais diga: "He's not going to stay happy!"

In In Episode 09, Patrick went to the murder scene and was desperately looking for the missing cigar end, when Columbo also showed up there. They found the cat, and, in the end, the cat helped Patrick.

In Episode 10, Lieutenant Columbo searches Clifford’s home and finds his suit covered with fibers. Then they have a meeting with Clifford’s lawyer, but when Columbo sees Clifford’s unfinished cigar, he loses all interest in the meeting.

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Estranho, Esquisito

Search Warrant

Mandado de Busca

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