A Trace of Murder Episode 09 – There It Is, the Cigar End!

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Columbo goes to the murder scene, and happens on Patrick there, too. They find the missing cat, AND the missing cigar end.

Evitando as Brasileiradas

“Tem suco na mesa da cozinha.”

The kitchen table

"There's some juice on the kitchen table." Outra alternativa seria: "There's some juice on the table, in the kitchen."

The table of the kitchen

Evita dizer: "There is some juice on the table of the kitchen." Jamais diga: "Have some juice on the table from the kitchen (duas brasileiradas numa tacada só!!!!).

In Episode 08, Columbo went to the bride’s parents’ home, to verify Clifford’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Cathleen called Patrick, and was not very pleased to learn he couldn’t find the cigar end.

In Episode 09, Patrick goes to the murder scene and is desperately looking for the missing cigar end, when Columbo also shows up there. They find the cat, and, in the end, the cat helps Patrick.

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