Rectify 02 – Eddie Gets a New Trial

Chunk Palmer, a law student from Dr. Bull's office, visits Eddie in prison. After hearing what he has to say, he wins him a new trial.

Understanding the American Justice System

A very brief overview

The police investigate a suspect, and present the evidence to the District Attorney (DA). If the DA thinks there is enough proof, they will present it before a grand jury, who will decide if there is probable cause to support the criminal charges. If they decide to indict, the case will go to court, and be tried by a regular jury. A judge presides the trial, a prosecutor accuses the defendant, and a defense lawyer is responsible for his or her defense. If the defendant does not have enough money to pay for a lawyer, he is provided the services of a public defender. 

In Episode 01, a triple murder takes place at a 24-hour laundromat, and Eddie Mitchell is convicted for the crime.

In Episode 02, after 17 years, one of Eddie’s letters is answered, and Chunk Palmer, a law student, visits him in prison.

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