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“Ask Someone to Do Something”

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Ed says,

“… (she) asked me to sign it, I did.”

The structure “pedir para alguém fazer alguma coisa” is always a problem for Brazilians. Most Brazilians will say, “I asked for someone do something.”

Remember this simple golden rule for the verb “ask”:

Never place a preposition between the verb “ask” and a proper noun (name of a person) or pronoun.

Look at these examples:

  • I asked John to bring it.
  • She asked me to help her.

Remember this formula:

“Ask someone to do something” 


 The exception is when you are talking about a situation and explain that you had to ask for someone. Look at the example:

“When I got to the hotel, I asked for the manager.” 

Write the sentences in English:

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