The Road Trip – Manage X Could Copy

Do these exercises based on Exercise 1.2.2 – The Road Trip

 Our focus today is on the verb manage. The main definition in the dictionary has to do with managing, from whence the word manager comes. Now, check out this secondary definition:

Succeed in surviving or achieving your goals, especially when facing very adverse circumstances.

Look at this sentence from today’s story:

“With a great effort we managed to push the car to the top of the hill.”

So, as you see, the verb “manage” is a great option for the Brazilian word conseguir. Avoid using could, since this form of the verb is usually used for poderia:

“I could help you, I just don’t want to.”

Check out these examples:

  • The door was stuck, but I managed to open it (A porta estava emperrada, mas consegui abrir).
  • There was a lot of traffic, but I managed to arrive in time (Havia muito trânsito, mas consegui chegar a tempo).
  • I hope I’ve managed to help you understand this (Espero ter conseguido fazê-los entender isso).

Could is used mostly for conditionals: “I’d buy it if I could.”

Now write these sentences in English:

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