The Jacket – Episode 07 Copy

Shortmire’s Tips

Get out of here!

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Use “Get out of there” to tell someone that what they are saying couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In Episode 06, Jerry and George were still stuck with Elaine’s father, Mr. Benes. Then, Mr. Benes got a note from Elaine. What had happened to her?

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In Episode 07, Elaine finally arrives, and they are all about to head out to the restaurant, when they see it’s snowing. What about Jerry’s expensive new suede Jacket. Won’t it get ruined in the snow?


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Phrasal Verb

To Pick Up

To pick someone up: pegar alguém
To pick someone or something up: passar para pegar alguém ou alguma coisa

Enrich your Vocabulary

A Lift



Atração, Sedução, Engodo

To Tow (Away)




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