Get Rid of the Mice – Episode 01 Copy

Evitando as Brasileiradas

“Estou muito chateado (a)”

I am very upset

I am very bored

In the Introduction, Kyle and his wife Mandy were about to move into a new apartment they were renting from Ryan and Kristen (Mandy’s sister), and they had a security camera installed.

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In Episode 01, Ryan and Kristen see a mouse in the apartment they are about to rent. As they are talking about it, Kyle and Mandy access their security app and overhear their conversation. They freak out with what they think Ryan and Kristen are planning to do.

Get Rid of the Mice E01

How Can I say …

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Gross, Disgusting

Nojento, repugnante

Turn On / Turn Off

Ligar / Desligar


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