Episode 16 – You Got That Right! Copy

Evitando as Brasileiradas

Como digo: “O que aconteceu”?

What happened?

What did happen?

Lembre-se dessa regra:

Só se usa auxiliar quando há uma sujeito na frase.

In Episode 15, Patrick was in a hurry to see the grand jury indict Clifford so he and his lover could be home free. But Columbo had some very troubling news for him.

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In Episode 16, Columbo turns the lovers against each other, and Cathleen gets a head start, to make a deal with the DA.

A Trace of Murder E16 Part 01


A Trace of Murder E16 Part 02



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Como digo …


Look Through

Isso não é mais segredo!

To Stare…

Olhar fixo, espantado ou arregalado

In deep manure (s*¨%)

In serious trouble!

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