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Evitando as Brasileiradas

“Assistir um evento.”

To attend

“He attended the conference.”

To assist

Não diga: “He assisted the conference.” “Assist” é falso cognato. Significa “auxiliar”.

In Episode 07, Columbo paid Clifford and his wife a visit, to check on his alibi and ask if Clifford has a gun. When Clifford opens the drawer, much to his surprise, the gun is nowhere to be found.

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In Episode 08, Columbo goes to the bride’s parents’ home, to verify Clifford’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Cathleen calls Patrick, and is not very pleased to learn he can’t find the cigar end.


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Bobalhão, Excêntrico – Também o nome do Pateta, personagem da Disney

Pick Up

To pick someone up: pegar alguém
To pick someone or something up: passar para pegar alguém ou alguma coisa

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 Cathleen asks Patrick, “You don’t have the cigar end?” He answers, “I wonder if one of the crime-scene guys picked it up.” 

Some phrasal verbs in English can be separated, others cannot. To pick something up (pegar, apanhar alguma coisa) is a separable phrasal verb, meaning you can separate the two words and put the direct object in the middle. 

Check out the examples:

Can you pick up my son at school for me?” 

Or :”Can you pick my son up at school for me?”


However, always separate these phrasal verbs, when using a pronoun. Let’s use the same example:


Can you pick up my son at school for me?”  “Yes, I will pick him up. Don’t worry.” 


Phrasal verbs like “get rid of” are inseparable, whether you use a pronoun or not: 

“Get rid of that man!”

Or: “Get rid of him!”

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