1.4.2 – Reading: The Pope and the Police Officer

Watch the video, then read the text:

The Pope goes to New York and gets picked up at the airport by a limousine. When he sees the car, he motions to the driver and says, “Do you mind if I ask you a favor?”

“A favor for the pope??” exclaims the driver. “Of course. Anything!”

“You know, I hardly ever get to drive, and I’d really like it if I could drive now. Would you please let me?”

The thought of the pope getting behind the wheel scared the driver. What if he got into an accident? On the other hand, the driver felt that he couldn’t say “no” to the Pope himself, so he reluctantly agreed and let him get behind the wheel.

To his utter dismay, the Pope turns the key, lights up the rear tires and speeds up like a maniac! After driving in excess of 100 mph in a 45 mph zone, a police car drives up and orders them to stop immediately. The Pope slams on the brakes and comes to a dead stop.

The police officer emerges from his vehicle, briefly peers through the limousine’s window, then immediately calls his sergeant.

Cop: “Sir, I have a problem.”
Sergeant: “What kind of problem?”
Cop: “Well, I pulled over this driver for speeding, but he’s someone really important.”
Sergeant: “Important like … the mayor?”
Cop: “No, no, a lot more important than that.”
Sergeant: “Important like … the governor?”
Cop: “Way more important than that, Sarge.”
Sergeant: “Important like … the President?”
Cop: “Even more important than him.”
Sergeant: “Who’s more important than the President?”
Cop: “I don’t know, sarge, but just to give you an idea, the Pope is his driver!”

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