FMS 3.2.3 – Vocabulary in Context

Now read the text:

Hammer Garson just got out of prison. The children recognized his cap because there were small blue devils all around it. He wore it day and night. Russo found it in the back yard of the old building. Juan told Russo that Hammer always said he wanted to get even with the people in the neighborhood because he went to prison for something he didn’t do. He was only 21 but had a long police record.

Mr. Ozmer took the Lopez family home. He was a very nice man. Mrs. Lopez went to bed and the children started talking. Carmen wanted to look for the arsonist, but Juan told her to leave it to the detectives. Finally she convinced him to help by just keeping their eyes open and asking questions around the neighborhood.

The next day, they met Paul Russo. He had talked to Hammer Garson, who said he had lost the cap a week ago, and claimed he hadn’t been anywhere near the fire. “We can’t arrest him without proof,” said the detective.

The children decided to follow Hammer Garson around after dark. Mr. Ozmer had said that people who set fires keep on doing it until they’re caught. They agreed not to say anything to their mother.

After dinner, the whole family went to visit Mr. Lopez in the hospital. He was going to be there for at least six days. After they got home, the children asked to go to the movies, and their mother agreed.

“I don’t like lying to her,” said Juan. “Neither do I,” said Carmen, “but you want to stop Hammer Garson, don’t you?”


Answer these questions:

  1. Quem era Hammer Garson
  2. Como sabiam que o boné era dele?
  3. O que ele sempre dizia?
  4. Quantos anos ele tinha?
  5. Como que a família Lopez chegou em casa?
  6. O que as crianças fizeram?
  7. O que decidiram fazer?
  8. O que Paul Russo falou no dia seguinte?
  9. Por que a polícia não o prendeu?
  10. O que as crianças decidiram fazer?
  11. Quantos dias Ricardo ia ficar no hospital?
  12. O que as crianças pediram sua mãe para fazer, após a janta?
  13. Por que mentiram para ela?
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