Poor Kyle – Language Study Copy

You can’t afford to
learn this!

Today, we are going to talk about the verb “afford”.

See the definitions in the dictionary:

→ To have enough money to pay for something

→ To have a certain amount of something, especially time or money

→ To [not] be able to do something without risk of adverse circumstances

Look at this sentence from the story:

“I cannot afford to lose my job” (Não posso me dar ao luxo de perder o meu emprego”).

This would fit in the third definition: To [not] be able to do something without risk of adverse circumstances. He couldn’t stand up to his boss, since he would risk losing his job.

Check out a few more examples:

  • “I can afford to spend more time resting. I have worked hard all my life” (Posso me dar ao luxo de passar mais tempo descansando. Dei duro a minha vida inteira”).
  • “I can afford this, I am making more money now” (“Posso comprar isso, estou ganhando mais dinheiro agora”).

Never say: “I don’t have the conditions to buy this.”

The more you study, the more you learn!

When Kyle complains to Mike (Mr. B), he answers him,

“The more money people have, the less they carry around with them.”

Check out some other adjectives:

The healthier you are, the happier you will be.

→ The less you study, the worse your grades will be.

Click the picture to see the answer

Important: Remember how the comparative of one-syllable adjectives and two-syllable adjectives ending in “y”, “ow” and “er” are formed by adding “er”. With all the others, use more. 

  • Hot – hotter
  • Pretty – prettier
  • Narrow – narrower
  • Comfortable – more comfortable

Now, write these sentences in English:

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