Episode 06 – Heidi Rodman Copy

Evitando as Brasileiradas

Carteira de Motorista

Driver’s License

Driver’s Wallet or Driver’s Letter

In Episode 05, Jane, Frost and Korsak, with Maura’s help, are able to find the identity of the girl whose body they had found.

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In Episode 06, the detectives, with Joey’s help, identify the woman who kidnapped Mandy. They locate her car, in the hope of following her. Will she lead them to Mandy?


Enrich Your Vocabulary

Walking Beat

Ronda policial a pé

Vanity Plates

Silencioso (parte do escapamento) de um carro

Vanity Plates

A vehicle license plate bearing a distinctive or personalized combination of letters, numbers, or both.

A Police BOLO

BOLO means: Be On the LookOut – Estar atento para localizar alguém ou alguma coisa


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