Episode 06 – Columbo Starts Investigating Copy

Evitando as Brasileiradas

“Quero aulas particulares.”


“I want private classes.”


Particular é falso cognato. Significa algo bem específcio.

Are you looking for something in particular?
(Específico, não particular)

In Episode 05 Cathleen planted evidence on her husband’s coat, and we met Lieutenant Columbo for the first time.

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In Episode 06, Columbo starts his investigation, while Patrick is worried when he sees the empty ashtray.

A Trace of Murder E06

Idiomatic Expressions

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Looking Over

Examinando, Estudando Verificando

Hazard a Guess

Dar um Chute

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 Patrick says, “I’m just looking over the scene.” To look something over means to check, examine or study something.  ​ 

Check out the examples:

“I am looking over your work.”

If your boss says that, be careful! He is examining, checking, studying your work!

“I need to look it over before making my decision.”

I can’t make a decision without examining, checking and studying it.

Observe the use of the expression “to hazard a guess.” This is similar to the expression in Portuguese, “Arriscar um palpite,” or “dar um chute.” Never say, “I’m going to kick” in English, unless you really are going to kick someone (in the rear end).

Now answer the questions:

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