Fire on Maple Street – Chapter One

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O bairro pacato onde moram Carmen e Juan, filhos do bombeiro Ricardo Lopez, é sacudido por um alarme de incêndio. As crianças correm para ver seu pai valente em ação.

Evitando as Brasileiradas

Como digo: “Deixe eu anotar isso”?

Write down

"Let me write this down."


Never say, "Let me annotate this!!"

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Vocabulário Útil*

  • Above
  • Afraid
  • Also
  • Cleared away
  • Crash
  • Fell
  • Flash
  • Go in the back of the building
  • Ground
  • Kind
  • Net
  • Over
  • Pull over
  • Put on
  • Race
  • Roar
  • Sound
  • Standing
  • Suddenly
  • Thin
  • Too high
  • Turn off
  • Turn onto
  • Wave
  • Went around to the back 

*Passe o mouse ou dedo por cima da palavra para ver a tradução

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Idiom of the Day

If a vehicle pulls over, it moves to the side of the road and stops. The last thing you want to hear is a police officer saying: "Pull over!"

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