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Episode 04 – The Investigation Begins

Columbo appears on the scene and begins his investigation of Charlie’s murder. The first inconsistency soon shows up.

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Episode 03 – Creating the Alibi

Vivian has dinner with Leland St. John, ler lover, and slips out to forge her alibi.

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Episode 02 – See You in Hell, Charlie

Vivian kicks off her plan for revenge. Find out a little more about what her problem with Charlie and Columbo is.

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Episode 01 – The Villainess

Meet Vivian, the villainess who is out to get Lieutenant Columbo. Why does she want him to suffer so badly?

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Beth Episode 03
John Nolan finally finds the mysterious "Beth" and passes Graham's message along to her.
Beth Episode 02
John talks to one of Graham's colleagues, but he doesn't have any idea who Beth is, either.
A touching hit by Brooks and Dunn that continues to inspire us and fill us with hope.
Beth Episode 01
John Nolan receives a request from a dying man. "Tell Beth..." Who is Beth?
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